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CFMA’s 2021 Annual Conference & Exhibition Speaker Selection Resources

May 15 - May 19, 2021


Please read all the information and resources contained on the page to assist with your submission and to provide you with the best opportunity to be selected to speak at CFMA’s 2021 Annual Conference & Exhibition.

The call for proposals is underway! Due to content we currently have for the conference CFMA’s Conference Program Committee is only accepting submissions based on the specific topics outlined below:

  • Construction Real Estate - General Member Perspective
    (Example: Development Financing, Stakeholder Due Diligence, Contractual & Insurance Risk Transfer, Etc.)
  • Merger & Acquisition/Succession Planning
  • Lean Construction/Modular Construction
  • Risk During Project Scheduling
  • Indirect Costs
  • Accounting & Finance Topics other than the ones listed below.
    • Emerging Issues
    • Tax
    • Supply Chain Management
    • KPIs/PowerBI
    • Change Order Management


To be considered you must complete the submission by using the link above no later than December 4thth. All sessions will be determined no later than December 18th.

Note: As a potential conference speaker you should be available to perform your presentation on any day during the CFMA Conference or on a virtual platform.


Conference Submission Sample - click here to view a sample of the submission form

Conference Audience
Total attendance is approximately 1,000 and the average session is approximately 135. There are contractors, and there are accountants, but construction financial professionals are a breed apart. For them, day-to-day accounting is only part of the job. From job cost control and the contract lifecycle, to risk management and surety relationships, they turn to CFMA as their source and resource for construction financial excellence.

CFMA's General Membership represents all types of contractors, including GCs and subcontractors, as well as developers, construction managers, architects, engineers, principals, and material and equipment suppliers.

CFMA's Associate Membership is open to all those serving the construction industry, such as lawyers, public accountants, bankers, sureties, insurance agents and carriers, technology providers, and other service professionals.

As you prepare your proposal(s), please take the following into consideration:

  • CFMA Conference attendees favor sessions that include best-practice solutions, case studies, and encourages audience interaction.
  • The committee is specifically seeking presenters with speaking experience at either CFMA Annual/Regional Conference or other construction industry conferences.
  • No more than four submissions per company will be accepted. Keep in mind the purpose of the conference is to educate participants and a sales pitch does not qualify for CPE credits.

Ensure your submission includes ALL the information requested (especially learning objectives and speaker experience/references), as the more information you provide, the better the Conference Program Committee can rate your proposal.



The Submission Review Process

CFMA’s Conference Programming Committee reviews each submission in the following areas below. Once the scores are summarized the sessions with the highest scores are discussed and then selected session for the conference.


Review Criteria  Weighted Percentage
Well defined topic with focused learning objectives 20%
Topic appeals to the CFMA membership 20%
Speaker experience   20%
Timelines of the topic 20%
Practical application of the content 20%
Total 100%



Presenter Compensation

General Members

  • One Complimentary Conference Registration
  • Two Hotel Room Nights
  • Flight Expense Reimbursement up to $450
  • Choice of one CFMA Product from the list below:
    • CFMA Tax Guide
    • CFMA Benchmarker Subscription
    • The Book

Associate Members

  • One Complimentary Conference Registration
  • One Night Hotel Room



The Benefits of Presenting at a CFMA Annual Conference

  • Establish credibility and expertise in your field
  • Expand your knowledge on a specific topic/issue    
  • Build your leadership skills
  • Expand your professional network
  • Learn to persuade, listen, and communicate more effectively

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